Three Kims 2007
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Nonton Film Three Kims (2007) Subtitle Indonesia

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Three Kims (2007)


The plot is instantly familiar in the great martial arts tradition, being set in a small town which is home to two rival masters, one who practices Taekkyun (Shin Hyun Jun, also in the likes of “Shadowless Sword” and the “Marrying the Mafia” films) and the other Kendo (Choi Sung Kook, also in “Crazy Assassins”), both of who just happen to be called Kim. As well as competing for students, the two are locked in deadly combat for the hand of the local beauty, who seems to be pretty much the only woman in town. Into their conflict comes yet another master Kim, this time a kung fu expert (Kwon Oh Joong, “Damo”) who puts them both to shame with his dizzying skills and suave charm. Eventually, real danger arrives in the form of some unscrupulous land developers, forcing the three to join forces for the greater good.
Original title 김관장 대 김관장 대 김관장
IMDb Rating 6.3 210 votes
TMDb Rating 6 4 votes

Full Cast & Crew

Park Seong gyun

Park Seong gyun


Noh Joo-hyun is무림각 박 사장

Noh Joo-hyun

무림각 박 사장

Shin Hyun-joon is택견 김 관장

Shin Hyun-joon

택견 김 관장

Choi Seong-gook is검도 김 관장

Choi Seong-gook

검도 김 관장

Kwon Oh-joong is박 사장 딸 박연실

Kwon Oh-joong

박 사장 딸 박연실

Oh Seung-hyeon is박 사장 딸 박연실

Oh Seung-hyeon

박 사장 딸 박연실



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